Legend of Hawkstone

Session 1

Meet and Greet

River is a half-elf fledgling ranger from the Blackwood. He hopes one day to have his own hunting area, to patrol and protect. He knows competition for available tracts of land is fierce and protecting it will be even more challenging. The fruits of adventuring, in terms of wealth and experience call him away from the forest he loves, with the plan of a return for good.

Marty is a young druid. Having been raised in the Vale among the druids of Blackwood Circle he knows he must defeat an arch-druid to claim a leadership role there. He joins his childhood friend, the half-elf River in the quest for personal growth, though he cares little for monetary gains.

Yngve was born in a fishing village along the coast, but found the lure of adventure too strong to remain with his family. Instead at 16, he joined a merchant marine vessel passing by and began his career sailing port to port.

Though young, his strength and stamina allowed him to do a greater share of the work than expected. Within weeks he was used by the captain as an example to the rest of the crew. When not under sail, the captain went out of his way to teach him the skills of using a blade, basic navigation, and fundamentals in the business of buccaneering.

Being young and naive, he was subjected to the tricks of the experienced marines. Many resented his work ethic as the captain in turn expected more from them. Jealousy turned into ugly incidents and hazing, and in a fury after being threatened, Yngve killed a man with his bare hands. The captain realized the risks and regretfully sent him on his way at the next port.

The dead man’s friends went ashore after him for revenge, but Yngve slipped into the wilderness and they had to return to the ship before he could be found. Weeks later, alone and destitute, he met Marty and River by chance, as they passed his improvised camp along a trail. Near starving, they made a loyal friend feeding him and suggesting he join their quest for adventure.

Perhaps Kord rewarded the young barbarian’s ferocity in the face of certain danger with the opportunities he left home for?



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